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The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a centralized location for data pertaining to air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The site was created in order to benefit the local UB air pollution research community, scientists abroad looking for data on UB air pollution, and for general academic use. See something missing? You are encouraged to contribute information/data to this Wiki!

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We would like to acknowledge funding from the National Science Foundation International Research Fellowship and the NSF-PEER program for their support in funding research related to this wiki.

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Recent Events/Proposal Calls/Presentations on UB Air Pollution

Please post upcoming presentations on UB Air Pollution studies (or related studies) here. Also, if a recent presenter wants to put up links to a powerpoint, that would be great too.

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Data Files


Lodoysamba-Hasenkopf PEER Project Preliminary Data

Please Note: This data is preliminary, unofficial, and subject to changes pending further analysis. Please contact Lodoysamba or Hasenkopf below before citing or using and/or if you have any questions.

Peer-Reviewed Literature on Air Pollution/Atmospheric Science(Review/General Papers)

(listed in chronological order)

Useful Links

Air Quality, The National Committee for the Reduction of Air Pollution, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Air Quality Department, Capital City, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Clean Air Foundation, the Special Foundation of the Government of Mongolia

The Clean Air Project, MCA-Mongolia

urbanemissions.info - Mongolia

MCC-EEP Program

WHO Mongolia

World Bank - Mongolia

Asian Development Bank - Mongolia

GTZ - Mongolia

United Nations Development Programme - Mongolia

American Lung Association - USA

US Government Center for Disease Control - USA

Air Pollution website at the US CDC - USA

Environmental Health Perspectives Journal - USA

US Environmental Protection Agency, Particulate Matter webpage - USA

US Environmental Protection Agency homepage - USA

US Environmental Protection Agency Air Pollution webpage - USA

American College of Medical Toxicology - USA

Spare the Air in San Francisco - USA

U.S. EPA, NOAA, NPS, tribal, state, and local agencies information site - USA

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Picture Gallery

UB Air Pollution Photos Taken by UB community

Power Plants in November 2011, Picture Courtesy John Stampfl
From Sansar Tunnel on 15 Nov 2011. That is not fog you see - it is pollution. Specifically, particulate matter. What you can't see are high levels of other toxic gases. According to 24-hour averages for 15 Nov 2011, reported here, PM10 is about 2x international standards, PM2.5 is 4x, SO2 is 4x. I'm comparing to World Health Organization standards. Picture taken by Christa Hasenkopf
From Sansar Apartment on 1 Dec 2011, Picture taken by Joseph Flasher
Photo taken south of downtown UB on 20 November 2011, Picture taken by George Economides
Photo taken driving in UB, December 2011, Picture taken by Tsevlee Economides
Photo taken driving north, just south of UB center, December 2011, Picture taken by Tsevlee Economides
Photo taken in Dec 2011 by Tsevlee Economides
Photo taken in early 2007, looking at UB from Bogd Khan by Shelagh Rosenthal
Photo taken in mid-Dec 2011 at Star Apartments in UB by Shelagh Rosenthal
Photo taken one evening in Ulaanbaatar during Winter 2010/2011 by Hunter J. Causey
A man lighting a traditional ger stove during Winter 2010/2011 by Hunter J. Causey
A smoggy day in UB, looking toward the Blue Sky Tower during Winter 2011/2012 by Lauren Knapp
A photo taken in the morning from an apartment east of the Amusement Park, 11 Dec 2011, Picture taken by Tsolmon
A photo taken in the morning from airplane down to the UB, only the power plant chimney was visible, 31 Jan 2012, Picture taken by Solongo
A photo taken from a plane above Ulaanbaatar. Emissions from one of UB's coal-fired combined heat and power plants is visible above the cloud deck, 03 Dec 2011, Picture taken by Amartaivan Ts.
On the way to the Chinggis Khaan Airport, Mid-March 2012, Picture taken by Oyu Choijamts
A photo taken from a plane above Ulaanbaatar. 11 Sept 2011, Picture taken by Vicki Christini
From an apartment window on the Big Ring Road, 20 Nov 2012, Picture taken by Soyee Chiu
Taken on the work commute home. 10 Jan 2013, Picture taken by Otgonbaatar Tsedendemberel
TTen am, taken from a doorstep in lower-East Gandan, close to West 4-Zam, 14 Jan 2013, Picture taken by Froit VanderHarst..
A boy on his way to school in UB. Submitted Jan 2013, Picture taken by John Mark King

UB Air Pollution Photos Elsewhere Online

(Thanks to Delgerzul Lodoysamba for these contributions)