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This page is under construction. It will eventually house the Mongolian version of the UB air pollution wiki.


The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a centralized location for data pertaining to air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The site was created in order to benefit the local UB air pollution research community, scientists abroad looking for data on UB air pollution, and for general academic use. See something missing? You are encouraged to contribute information/data to this Wiki!

New Account Creation Procedure: To reduce spam to the site, we are changing the procedure for account creation. Please email Christa Hasenkopf at Christa<dot>Hasenkopf><at>Colorado<dot>edu for an account.

Wiki News

  • RECENT UPDATE (12/13/2011) There is now a "News" Page to the wiki, which lists recent published articles related to UB Air pollution. Check it out! It will also be permanently listed on the left hand navigation panel.
  • RECENT UPDATE (11/27/2011) There is now a photo section to the wiki, in which photos of UB Air Pollution can be added. Thanks to John Stampfl for adding the section and contributing the first photo!

Upcoming and Recent Events/Proposal Calls/Presentations on UB Air Pollution

Please post upcoming presentations on UB Air Pollution studies (or related studies) here. Also, if a recent presenter wants to put up links to a powerpoint, that would be great too.

  • Recent Events (presentations over 12 months old may be deleted):
    • USAID and NSF partner up to offer the PEER program! If you're a scientist from a developing country and know an NSF-supported scientist, you can team up with them to get funds to study in areas where NSF and USAID have mutual interests (e.g. global health issues, climate change impacts, and food security). Proposals due end of Nov 2011.
    • The Millennium Challenge Account - Mongolia released a call for proposals on air quality research. The proposal submission ended on Aug 26. Click HERE for more information.
    • In collaboration with the Mongolian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, Dr. Anne Riederer, a AAAS Sci & Tech fellow at the EPA, gave a workshop on Lifecycle Assessment, applied to stoves. The workshop was chocked full of resources (powerpoints, TRACI model, user manual, references). RECENT UPDATE: 08/13/2011: There was also an interesting presentation about mass-implementation of new stoves this winter by Mr. Batsaikhan, Vice Director of Air Quality agency of the Capital City. Information from the workshop they can be accessed here.
    • The National University of Mongolia hosted The 5th Annual International Workshop on Applications of Remote Sensing and Space Science, June 6-7, 2011. There were some presentations on air pollution. You can check out the schedule here or visit: http://ssmongolia.yolasite.com/
    • Air Pollution Studies in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: First Steps by Christa Hasenkopf at ACMS in May 2011. (Note: File is large: ~40Mb)

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature on UB Air Pollution



Conference Proceedings and Abstracts on UB Air Pollution


Proceedings of International Conference on Domestic Use of Energy, 12-13 April 2011, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa


Organization Reports








Data Files

Peer-Reviewed Literature on Air Pollution/Atmospheric Science(Review/General Papers)

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Useful Links

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U.S. EPA, NOAA, NPS, tribal, state, and local agencies information site - USA

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Picture Gallery

UB Air Pollution Photos Taken by Wiki Users

Power Plants in November 2011, Picture Courtesy John Stampfl
From Sansar Tunnel on 15 Nov 2011. That is not fog you see - it is pollution. Specifically, particulate matter. What you can't see are high levels of other toxic gases. According to 24-hour averages for 15 Nov 2011, reported here, PM10 is about 2x international standards, PM2.5 is 4x, SO2 is 4x. I'm comparing to World Health Organization standards. Picture taken by Christa Hasenkopf
From Sansar Apartment on 1 Dec 2011, Picture taken by Joseph Flasher
Photo taken south of downtown UB on 20 November 2011, Picture taken by George Economides
Photo taken driving in UB, December 2011, Picture taken by Tsevlee Economides
Photo taken driving north, just south of UB center, December 2011, Picture taken by Tsevlee Economides
Photo taken in Dec 2011 by Tsevlee Economides
Photo taken in early 2007, looking at UB from Bogd Khan by Shelagh Rosenthal
Photo taken in mid-Dec 2011 at Star Apartments in UB by Shelagh Rosenthal
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UB Air Pollution Photos Elsewhere Online

(Thanks to Delgerzul Lodoysamba for these contributions)